Kawasaki KZ650 cafe-racer. Polished clutch & breather covers.

Another batch of parts I polished for our Kawasaki KZ650 project engine. It so happened that once, rummaging through ebay I came across New Old Stock clutch cover. It looked like a good deal so I bought it. Factory  polishing was part of the mass production process thus it never intended to be brilliant, and sure, this clutch cover, being stored for 40 years, has got some number of scratches during its “shelf life”.  Here you may see how it looked in the beginning of sandpapering. Scratches and factory non polished areas are quite visible:

And that’s how clutch cover looked after course of dry and wet sandpapering:

Polishing revealed some unevenness of alloy, but it’s a pretty ordinary thing even for more modern cast parts. However, I was satisfied with result:

Kawasaki KZ650 polished clutch cover Kawasaki KZ650 polished clutch cover Kawasaki KZ650 polished clutch cover Kawasaki KZ650 polished clutch cover Kawasaki KZ650 polished clutch coverI was forced to work accurately  on lettering, since they are pretty thin, but result like this will do for me.

Kawasaki KZ650 polished clutch coverAnd talking of reflection, it was hard not to notice them during photo shooting:-)

Kawasaki KZ650 polished clutch coverBit closer:

Kawasaki KZ650 polished clutch coverReflection of my world:

And of myself:

However, let’s proceed to smaller parts, like breather cover or plugs for the main oil gallery. Here they are, plugs before sandpapering and breather cover already in process:

Plugs were pretty rough and since they have to be tightened by wrench, I couldn’t take much aluminum from them.

But the result looked much better even with such limitations.

Kawasaki KZ650 polished oil plugs Same I could say about breather cover. Here is it in comparison with another non treated KZ650 breather cover I have in my possession:

Kawasaki KZ650 polished breather cover Kawasaki KZ650 polished breather coverNot perfect since I didn’t sanded out all corrosion dots, but I think it will do:

Kawasaki KZ650 polished clutch cover Kawasaki KZ650 polished engine coversAt this point I ran out of parts for polishing because the ignition cover turned out to be beyond saving and this fact caused change in my plans about ignition and alternator covers.


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