Stormy sunset over the battlefield.

I am still far away from those who are dear to me and from my workshop and projects. War in Ukraine is going on and no one knows to which end it’ll come.

Being a soldier who defends his land, for the third month I face mostly desolation and destruction. However, Nature stands above and beyond the war, so it continues to give us colourful sunrises, sunsets and other spectacular sky phenomena.

Here is one of them: stormy clouds and a veil of rain through which the setting sun could be seen…

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  1. Eike Haase

    I found your site by common interest in Café Racers. Now I feel bad to be sitting here thinking about bikes while you have to fight for your freedom. Even though your fight is in a different country it’s still a fight for our democracy I Hereby want to thank you for hanging in there. Stay strong, I salute you!
    Eike from Germany

    1. gazzz (Post author)

      Thank you Eike!


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