Zephyr 750 Cafe-Roadster Summary.

Zephyr 750 cafe roadster racerBase: Kawasaki Zephyr 750 1991 in Ukraine and Kawasaki Zephyr 750 1992 with ZR7 engine in France

Custom made seat with fiberglass base compatible with standard locking system.

Custom made fiberglass tail

Custom made (high power LED) tail light

Zephyr 750 cafe roadster racerCustom made front mudguard with stainless steel mounting bracket (made by “Only metal cycles” on demand)

Custom made license plate holder

Dashboard: stainless steel speedometer (bikeit) and tachometer (posh) and LED fuel gauge (hrdz) on custom made stainless steel mounting with lowered ignition switch

Zephyr 750 cafe roadster racerCustom made LED stainless steel indicators, integrated in upper fork triple.

End bar mirror modified to be installed into clutch lever.

Suzuki SV650 clip-ons with custom made stainless steel end weights.

Stainless steel exhaust header

Zephyr 750 cafe roadster racer


Machine milled aluminum headlight bracket

8” British style headlight

Aluminum turn lights

Braided brake lines

Triumph fork gaiters

Custom painting (British racing green & white with golden divided strip)






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  1. Guillaume

    Hello Friend,

    Your zephyr looks really gorgeous, a perfect balance of the old retro style and your personal touch. very impressed by your custom part kit, it looks neat and professional and i’m sure it will be handy for apprentice builder (like myself). This result is inspiring, thanks for sharing.

    Best regards from France

    1. gazzz (Post author)

      Hi, Guillaume!

      Great thanks for so hearty comment! I am incredibly happy that my works do inspire!

      In my turn I should say that I found France very inspiring. It is really a place where you wish to ride the bike again and again.

      Merci encore!

      Kind regards,
      Nazar aka Gazzz

  2. jonathan

    bonjour , je possède un 750 zéphyr et je voudrais savoir le tarif de vos kits . Merci

  3. Guicheteau

    Je voudrais savoir quel est le prix du kit pour un 750 zéphir café racer.

  4. gazzz (Post author)


    I replied you via email.


  5. Kawaz

    can you tell me how much this kit costs?

    kind regards

    1. gazzz (Post author)


      I replied you via email.


  6. ERB

    Hi Nazar, very impressive indeed! Also great choice to work with the Zephyr, although it seems parts are hard to come by. I’m about to purchase a first bike to start a Cafe Racer project. Would you suggest to take a more ‘main’ stream model like the Yamaha XJ700 (or 900) or Honda CB 650 (or 750) to start with? Or does it not matter.. There is a nice Zephyr for sale here at this moment. How much did the whole project cost you, time and money wise?

    1. gazzz (Post author)


      Thank you for good words! I suppose that Zephyr 750 might be more common for Europe than Yamaha XJ700 or XJ900 (which both are shaft drive so might be less suitable for customization) but it sure depends on region. However in its turn Zephyr 750 has quite specific frame that limits options on suitable tanks and side covers. SOHC Honda CB750 or CB650 or DOHC CBs or Kawasaki KZ750 (or KZ650) may give more room for creativity. Actually, it does for me:


      The main thing about custom motorcycle project is about fun, and less about money. As most motorcycles are in essence.


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