Kawasaki KZ650 cafe-racer. Pre-assembly check of parts.

How many parts could be necessary for engine overhauling? In my opinion the answer depends largely on how far the owner is ready to go.

And as I was making a pre-assembly check of parts I bought for our Kawasaki KZ650 project, I could take a pretty illustrative photo of how the answer for the question looks in my case.

So, how many parts do I need in addition to the next short list to be satisfied?

  • Wiseco K700 piston kit;
  • New KZ750 cylinder head and new OEM valves;
  • KZ750 (Zephyr750) camshafts;
  • Zephyr 750 oil pan (to attach an oil cooler);
  • Set of aftermarket gaskets I bought even before I started the project;
  • Damper rubbers for clutch basket;
  • Parts to repack starter motor;
  • New clutch cover and used alternator and ignition side covers.

 The answer is in the photo below. And mind three things:

  • it’s only parts that are to be installed in or mounted to the engine or/and to its covers;
  • some parts are still on their way;
  • surely, I found that I still miss a couple of things so I am about to order them.

And still there are enough parts to completely cover one of my working tables.

Among parts one may find complete set of OEM oil seals and O-rings (as well as other OEM rubbers), bearings, OEM cylinder head studs, nuts and washers, complete set of new OEM bolts for crankcase and all side covers, intake manifolds, new kick pedal and starter motor cover, new OEM fibers for clutch and PMC clutch  pusher, upgrade parts (mostly PMC) for timing  chain tension system and D.I.D timing chain itself, and so on and so forth up to wire clamps, dowel pins, lock washers, snap rings and low gear for output shaft.

One may call it madness, but even if it is so, that’s the madness in which I prefer to dwell by my own will.

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