Kawasaki KZ650 cafe-racer. Air intake.

The last days of Year 2018 have come and last parcels have arrived as well.  I have enough of them for couple of posts, but this one is about intake I plan to put on our Kawasaki KZ650. I like the look of K&N dual pod filters and once I found out that K&N make dual pod filters with flanges center-to-center distance compatible with Kawasaki KZ650 round slide carburetors (75mm it is) I placed the order. Few days ago the box with RC-2382 filters arrived.

They look great, and of high quality , traditional for KN products.

But anyone who might of check RC-2382 on K&N website find out that inside diameters of its flanges is 54mm (52mm according to measuring made with calipers), while KZ650 Mikuni VM carburetors have 40mm intakes. Difference is huge and quite obvious, that RC-2382 couldn’t be put strait onto carburetors.  The solution for this task is applying adapters in form of velocity stacks. I am not inventor of it, however I made drawings of my own version of adapters.  I started with measurements and good old pencil and ruler…

I used to make blueprints in different drawing programs (CAD), but this time I had to master a bit new to me 3D drawing program from which drawings could be transferred to CNC lathe. Lucky the task was quite simple…

Next step is to get these parts machined from aluminium.

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