Zephyr 750 cafe-racer kits for sale

As my readers may already know, I manufacture kits for partly financing my cafe-racer projects.  It’s fun, and it works.

Usually I  sell the kits I have ready in stock and my sales based on FIFO basis, but now I have too little time to make kits to be ready in stock because of my main projects. So prepaid kits are made first (the full manufacturing circle is around  four weeks). Second priority – my cafe-racer projects. And in spare time I make kits to be ready in stock.

Kits currently in stock: 1 (with black seat)

If you have any question, feel free to email me: poznyakovsky@gmail.com

Here you could buy Zephyr 750 cafe-racer kit which I designed to make the appearance of this great bike even better: more classic and cafe-racer styled. This kit is “bolt-on” so you have no need to cut the frame or do any modification of your Zephyr to install it. The seat is completely compatible with original seat locking system. You may choose license plate holder from two variations: of my original design and more stepper, fitted to EU technical requirements.  Tail light  is ECE-approved and  has compatible connector.

Zephyr 750 cafe-racer kitZephyr 750 cafe-racer kit Zephyr 750 cafe-racer kit   The kit includes:

  • Fiberglass tail (primed)
  • Seat, upholstered (fiberglass base, with locking hooks included, ready to use)
  • Tail light (hi-power LED lights, ECE-approved)
  • License plate holder (powder coated in black colour with ECE-approved license plate lights)
  • Set of stainless steel hardware for kit mounting.
  • Installation manual

The kit price is EUR630. It does not include delivery cost and money transfer commission fee (depends on the way of payment), nor duties and/or taxes of the destination country, that are also to be paid by a buyer. Please note, I send kit from the country which is not EU member and not member of EU Сustoms Union. WU and PayPal are acceptable.

Want to buy? Email me for payment options and delivery information.

Photos of components:Zephyr 750 cafe-racer kitZephyr 750 cafe-racer kitZephyr 750 cafe-racer kit

Zephyr 750 cafe-racer kit

Full information about project is here>>

Photos of bike which was the founder of the kit series:

Zephyr 750 cafe-racer kit Zephyr 750 cafe-racer kit