Still here.

Still here. My beard went even more grey and I grew tired, however I am still doing my best defending my country against russian aggression. Instead of having fun traveling on my Zephyr 750 or cornering and cutting city traffic on my cafe-racers I haul some equipment in a green pickup truck  though the dirty roads to make some buggers pay the price for what they did for my country and for stealing more than a year of my life from me…



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  1. EA

    Glad to hear that you are ok. Stay safe and get those russians out of your country!

    Greetings from Finland.

  2. Yann

    Stay safe and go back to work asap.
    We need you!

    Greetings from France.

    F*** war.

  3. Billy Hawk

    Hope you’re still doing well and kicking ass! Hang in there – we stand with Ukraine!!!

  4. Daniel

    I’ve been checking out you work you’ve done on your wheels and love them and then found out the war started over there and I’ve been watching the News to keep up with the current events on Ukrainian hoping that Russia will just give up.
    You and all of your fellow friends stay safe.
    (As for me)
    Im in USA Maryland and I’m working on my 73 CB750 cafe racer.
    Stay safe and be strong

  5. Frank

    Just checking in to your web site to see if there were any updates. Hope you are well!

  6. EA

    Just read some news from Ukraine and you came into my mind. Hope you’re ok.

  7. charlie

    Only just found your website and very interested in the CB815. Its shocking what has happened to Ukraine and I hope that the aggressor get his comeuppance!!

  8. MN

    I hope you’re doing well! It’s been quite a while since you got in touch. Hope the madness ends soon. Stay healthy!


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