Cafe-racer spoked wheels. Double set. Part 4.

Yet one stage of Honda CBX750 wheels conversion: spoke adapters anodized in black.  At the moment both sets are ready, however when I was shooting photos I had only one set at hand. But since sets of spoke adapters are identical and too large to place them in one photo, it will make no difference.  And one may ask:  why to bother with anodizing, why not just to paint them similarly to hubs? The answer is simple: I considered even a very thin layer of paint as unacceptable for contact places between spoke adapters and hubs. Being anodized, spoke adapters became corrosion protected and uniform looking while still maintaining full contact with hubs. But let’s proceed to photos:

Another subject of this part of the story are wheels’ spacers (or call them collars if you wish). I designed collars for the front wheel to make wheel the bolt-on option for USD (upside-down or inverted) forks of Suzuki GSX-600R  . And similarly to original Suzuki collar they are made of aluminum:

Honda CBX750 originally had a 20mm rear wheel axle. So I designed the set of spacers to make the whole CBX750 setup (sprocket hub, wheel hub and brake caliper bracket) compatible with both: Honda CB750 17 mm rear axle and swingarm.  They are made of steel and zinc plated. Double set of collars looks very nice:

To be continued.


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