Spoked wheels for cafe-racer. Ready for the ride.

Looks like it’s time to continue and finish the story about the wheels for Polish Honda CB750 Spider wheels. I made final assembling of both wheels and my next task was to true them. As a stand for truing I used an old rear CB750 Seven Fifty swingarm  which I had at hand.  The fact that it has two mounts for rear shock was very useful: I used these mounts to attach three dial gauges: one for each side of the rim to control axial run-out and one to control lateral run-out. Why to use two dial gauges for radial run-out? The answer is simple: even my favourite Takasago Excel rims have tiny widenings and narrowings and with two identical dial gauges mounted to sides of the rim it’s quite easy to see them and thus take into account during truing.

Honda CBX750/CB750 wheels truing Honda CBX750/CB750 wheels truing Honda CBX750/CB750 wheels truingThe wheel truing and spokes tightening is quite a meditative process (at least with Excel rims) so I just turn on the music, and do the work until the wheel fits my standards. This time I achieved 0.2-0.3mm for axial run-out and 0.3mm for lateral. Here is a short video of how it came with the front wheel. Strip of yellow paper tape indicates where the welding seam is. In place of the welding seam lateral dial gauge became a bit jumpy due to the fact that seam is factory grinded.

As soon as I was satisfied with run-outs, wheels were ready for final checkout, dust seal installation, and sure, for photo shooting.

Here is the set for front wheel: wheels itself, brake discs adapters, side spacers and  spacers for front brake calipers:

Honda CBX750 Comstar spoke conversionLet’s take a closer look for additional parts:

And for brake disc adapter placed on position:

The set for rear wheels had more parts:  rim, sprocket hubs with bearing, seal and refreshed sprocket studs, spacer sleeves, mount for rear brake caliper, its torque rod and special bolt to fit them together.

Honda CBX750 Comstar spoke conversion Sure, I couldn’t resist  shooting both wheels together:

Honda CBX750 Comstar spoke conversion Honda CBX750 Comstar spoke conversionAnd to shoot some additional photos of every wheel.

Honda CBX750 Comstar spoke conversion Honda CBX-750 Comstar spoke conversion Honda CBX-750 Comstar spoke conversion Honda CBX-750 Comstar spoke conversion Honda CBX-750 Comstar spoke conversionAs soon  as these wheels were ready, we packed them and sent them to Poland. Soon they were installed on Kris’ fancy Honda CB750 Spider cafe-racer>>



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  1. Robert

    I have 1977 Honda CB750K do theses fit using my rear drum brakes and are they both 17 in wheels?


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