Honda CBX550 wheels. Exploded view backstage.

Photo shooting of large-scaled exploded view like this is unique chance and it is always a fun.  It is also preassembling summary of whole project or significant part of it and opportunity to check if all is really ready.

The number of  CBX550 wheels’ parts was quite overwhelming. I am glad I had some time to manage their positioning beforehand of putting them on canvas.  And surprisingly all wheels’ components took only slightly less place than all components of our “Eight Ball” cafe-racer.

It was a windy day and as we shot exploded view photo outdoor  we had  quite a lot of cleaning work to provide quite wide clean area around canvas to prevent parts dusting.  We also  had  to prevent canvas flapping.

This time we had only one camera (that of mine), however, I shot some additional photos during the work on “exploded view” and here they are:

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