Short clip about Kawasaki Zephyr 750 cafe-racer kit.


I designed a cafe-racer kit for Kawasaki Zephyr 750  six years ago and since then I have made a lot of them, but I have  never shot the video about kits. looks like it’s time to change the situation.  So here is a short video about our kits.

I am very fond of my Zephyr 750, I have been in love with it since I bought it a long fifteen years ago.  So when it came to the idea of its modification, my goal was to change design completely and make Zephyr as short as possible without frame cutting, so I could easily and quickly return to great original design.

In pursuing these goals I designed this kit that is completely compatible with the original Zephyr 750 frame and is completely plug-and-play.   No need for any modification, all kit parts are bolt-on, so you could easily install or remove it in your garage without special tools or special knowledge.

We  have made, sold and shipped cafe-racer kits all over the World, so now one may find motorcycles with our kits in most countries of Europe, in Australia, in New Zealand and in Japan.

Kit manufacturing is not large scale production, so every kit is custom made by my hands and hands of highly skilled artisans. And therefore, we could provide seats in different colours.

Since we equip our kits with E-approved lights and could provide an optional license plate holder of steeper design, motorcycles with our kits could pass technical control in Germany. However, since the lengths of seat is shorter than 60cm they pass it as single seater motorcycles.

Pricing and detail about kits is here>>



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