Kawasaki KZ650 cafe-racer. Top yoke and dashboard. Part 1.

Continue to tidy up front end. This part is about top yoke and speedometer mount.  As I already wrote, I use 41mm fully adjustable Kawasaki ZX6R front fork. However, I fit it to Kawasaki  KZ650 frame through Kawasaki ZR7 lower yoke in combination with Kawasaki Zephyr 750 upper yokes, as (in my opinion) they have more appropriate fork offset than original ZX6R fork triples.

I consider that Zephyr 750 top yoke is compatible with ZR7 lower yoke and steering stem, and its suitable for cafe-racer build, as it has flat upper surface without “built-in” handlebar mounts.

All its protrusions could be easily removed without losing ability to mount Motogadget Motoscope Mini speedometer. In the course of protrusions removing I cut out excess metal in places of casting mould joints, and I also removed traces form pretty raw factory grinding. Yoke looked much better and more classic after that.

As I said, Zephyr 750 top yoke with all brackets removed still has mounting points which might be used to mount speedometer. I made simple 3mm aluminum plate:

And voila, my Motoscope Mini is on its place:

However, as you may see, there are four threaded through-holes and two non-threaded non-through-holes in top yoke (handlebar bracket mounting points). They might be considered as “flaws”, though  I am about to turn them in yet another feature of my project.

To be continued.

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