Zephyr 750 cafe-racer. Some changes.

Okay. Here about a small progress in my Zephyr 750 cafe project, so it’s time to post some information about it.

After I modeled the bike appearance in first iteration, I had to produce real parts. But I had to spare time for Eight Ball riding and CB750 cafe project, so there was too few time for Zephyr left. First things I decided to make were license plate holder and windshield. The point is, the kit must be replicable, so I couldn’t just take angle grinder and cut out it from a sheet of metal.

But there are local laser cutting workshops and I skilled a bit in computer drawing. I did all measurements and draw electronic blueprints with details of future parts, printed drawings of details on paper, then fitted prints to the bike and in couple of iterations made detail’s blueprints better. After I became sure that all details drawings are as good as possible, I ordered laser cutting of parts, afterwards bending and welding some of them.

 Windshield mounting parts (stainless steel):


And license plate holder:

IMG_0104IMG_0179 A small sheet of 3mm solid polycarbonate would be enough to cut out a couple of windshield glasses in different sizes. But there were only too large pieces of polycarbonate for sale (enough for making a few dozens of shields).

 With this question in mind my thoughts revolved around windshield, and I involuntary thought if it possible to lower Zephyr profile? By that time I bought a couple of clip-ons sets for 41mm forks (both, Kawasaki Zephyr 750 and Honda CB750 Seven Fifty have forks with such diameter).

 As I had a material for experiments, I screwed off a clubman bar and fitted both of sets onto Zephyr. One of them fitted better than another, and it felt better for handling than clubman in addition. I decided to move further in this direction.

 I ordered big round British style headlight. When it arrived I saw that existing brackets were too short to mount new headlight. So I found and ordered well designed aluminum bracket.


IMG_0111It arrived just last weekend, and I immediately mounted all new parts on bike, set gauges and ignition switch lower and bit up forks in triples . And yep, I decided not to use end bar turn lights in this projects.

I like the result I have got: yet for one bit far from original Zephyrian look, but still close to classic!

Zephyr 750 cafe-racer creation Zephyr 750 cafe-racer creation Zephyr 750 cafe-racer creationI also finished with tail billet. It  took a lot of time and efforts to check the symmetry and set all mounting points, but I did it. About this I hope to tale you next time.

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