Kawasaki KZ650 Halloween pumpkins.

And here are special Kawasaki KZ650 edition Halloween pumpkins.

After I finished with the Jack O’Lantern Rider pumpkin, I still had some pumpkins in my workshop. I was thinking what to do with them and then WHOOP! another idea popped in my mind.  So I took a knife, a couple of handmade “special tools” and carved a couple of pumpkins.  Carving one of them I had Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars in my mind, however the result occasionally looked rather like a cross between Jabba and Guy Fawkes mask.

And now imagine the Halloween  story that may happen anywhere: this Pumpkin Block lured that Female Pumpkin in his garage to impress her with his bike-building skills and to  show  her how cool he is. It did impress her, so now he with smug smile on his face is rumbling about his motorcycle project:

“Yea, babe, you wouldn’t believe it but  I built it all on my own, with whatever we  pumpkins have for hands!”

Motorcycle garage Halloween pumpkins (Kawasaki KZ650) Motorcycle garage Halloween pumpkins (Kawasaki KZ650)

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