Spoked wheels for cafe-racer. Back in black.

Honda CBX750 hubs for Kris’ Honda CB750 Spider cafe-racer were painted in satin black with Eastwood ceramic paint.  They looked really great:

While hubs were in the paint shop, I brought spoke adapters for Comstar wheels in another shop which does anodizing.  I arranged that adapters were glass beads blasted preparatory to anodizing them in black. This made adapters to look mostly matt black. It was my first experience with aluminum anodizing, however it looks like I already have ideas of what I’ll anodize next…

Sure, I already had at hand proper bolts and nuts to install spoke adapters on CBX750 hubs. Bolts of proper tensile strength are Honda bolts while nuts are provided by BMW. All hardware is zinc plated.

And sure, no wheel assembling could be started without wheel bearings and central spacers. Rear wheel requires three bearings (one is for sprocket hub) and two seals (one is for sprocket hub again), while front wheel requires two bearings and two seals. I ordered spacers to be custom made of stainless steel.

All was ready for assembling…

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