Kawasaki KZ650 cafe-racer. Rear wheel is spoked.

So, what should have happened in June happened only in September. Yesterday I finally finished rear wheel. I placed second order for Excel 18″ 2.5″ high shouldered rim as soon as I became sure that  first perfectly fits modified hubs of Honda CBX550. Central Wheel Components, UK, fulfilled my order very fast, only few days after its placing. Unfortunately, parcel with second rim arrived into Ukraine in the midst of vacation season, August. It cost me three (3 !)  additional weeks of waiting, including two weeks of customs clearance. To release parcel which price exceeds customs limit receiver has to  pay tax.  I had to call customs three times just to get from them that amount of tax.

However, enough about sad things. After I received second Excel rim I did with it exactly the same things as with first: polished and spoked. As usually I did spokes adjusting and tightening on wheel installed on its place. This time it was swingarm. And as usually, I used two dial gauges attached to swingarm in point of shock absorber mount.

This time adjustment went even better than with the first rim. I managed to get 0.3mm for both lateral and radial runouts (including the zone of welding seam).

Assembled wheel looked gorgeous:

I was ready to put the tire on the wheel.

Now, as both wheels assembled, I could breathe a sigh of relief and say that one third of Kawasaki KZ650 is finished.


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