Spoked wheels for cafe-racer. Hubs and spacers.

Once all wheels’ parts were back at my workshop I installed all wheel’ bearings and collars. Then I made initial assembly of Honda CBX750 hubs and Comstar spoke adapters. Not that I was unsure that they fit, I rather was curious about how they will look. Turned out that they looked black and menacing. The shape of hubs and their blackness in  combination with silver  of bolts and mount’ surfaces form the image of some sci-fi parts that might be used in the Death Star itself.

However Kris ordered from me not only  the spoked wheels, but a ready “bolt-on” solution which included all necessary adapters and information on brake discs’ bolts and nuts as well. To fit Suzuki GSXR 600  fork and brake calipers I found 318 mm brake discs that needed only side spacers for hub and simple spacers for calipers. I designed spacers for brake discs that with discs installed become mostly invisible. According to my design these adapters have a groove from one side to fit ledge on the Honda CBX750 hub and ledge from another side, so the brake disc fits it, as if the disc was installed directly on the hub.

In comparison with brake disc adapters, the front wheel and brake caliper spacers look very simple. I get them made from aluminum. Meanwhile, here I have to say thanks to the guys from DoubleBubbles RT for providing the Suzuki GSXR 600, so I could get all measurements and thus design spacers.

With spacers for the rear wheel setup the situation was even more simple: I have all components at hand, so blueprints making was easy cake. These parts were made of steel and then zinc plated.

Read about wheel truing in my next post about Honda Comstar spoke conversion.


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