KZ650 cafe-racer. Little upgrade for the clutch.

Kawasaki KZ650 inherited its clutch actuation system from its older and bigger Z-brothers. This means that  clutch actuator is placed on left (sprocket) cover and momentum from it to clutch spring (release) plate transmitted through drive shaft  via the rod and clutch pusher. Instead of release bearing (of needle or ball type) this system has the only steel ball between rod and pusher.

The lack of release bearing is obviously a weak point of this system and, luckily, there is a cure for this issue. KZ650 clutch pusher has part number identical to  Z900 pusher and for Z900 one could easily find aftermarket pushers equipped with needle bearing. I, as usual, chose solution from PMC. As I intend to do some engine upgrades and use stiffer clutch springs, this pusher  is “must have” item.

That’s how it looks and works:

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