Zephyr 750. Backup & upgrade.

So, Zephyr Cafe-Roadster was finished and that meant time to reconverting back my own Zephyr. But that was not exactly backup, because I got some extra parts for upgrade.

Zephyr 750 4in4The first thing is a 4in4 exhaust, the copy of one which was used in legendary Kawasaki Z1 and less known Z2. This  replica is great looking thing and it sounds like no one other. But it also much expensive, so I got a little bit used one. That was one to thousand chance, like one when I got spoke wheels for this bike but I hit it.  The only drawback is that you should dismount central stand if you still want to rub tires up to their very edges. Years ago this exhaust was one of my dream and now I got it, and that’s good filling despite the dream significantly faded after I began build cafe-racers…

Zephyr 750 4in4

Next point of upgrade  is my Zephyr was an internal Japanese model so it had speed limit integrated into its ignition unit to the speedometer. The speedo was scaled to 190km/h and speed limit was realized like a partial ignition breaking  between 180 an 190 km/h. So I got European wiring with ignition unit and gauges and now I installed them to my Zephyr.  Nothing special, just yet one checkpoint I want to pass years ago, in the beginning of  my and Zephyr  joint  way… Zephyr 750 4in4

And last one is not a point but a nice bonus is the front mudguard. Original mudguard is a bit heavy looking thing and mine was broken when bike was sailing form Japan to Ukraine. I repaired it of course but time to time I was looking for replacement but never bought it. This mudguard is chromed metal and belonged for some Honda I suppose. After some modification I installed it on original fender bridge.


Zephyr 750 4in4

Now I have a plan to repaint Zephyr in vintage Z1 style if I’ll have time for that.  Also I revised my archive and looks like I have enough pictures to make a couple of stories about my Zephirian story since I bought it in 2007…

Zephyr 750 4in4

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  1. GeorgeSweety

    Hi, I love your Zephyr! Please can you say the maker of the exhaust and where to possibly buy? Thanks

    1. gazzz (Post author)


      This exhaust is a replica of Z1 exhaust made specially for Zephyr 750 models by Doremi Collection, Japan. They also produce a lot of different Z1 style parts for Zephyrs, like tanks, side covers, tails, seats and so on. Here are links:



      In Europe Doremi is represented by this company in France:


      Kind regards,
      Nazar aka gazzz

  2. Lisa

    Hello! Do you know if the 750 exhaust sutem fits the 550 of thr same year? Would love an exhaust like this on my little zephyr!

    1. gazzz (Post author)

      Hi! As far, as I know they are incompatible.


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