KZ650 cafe-racer. Wheels polishing. Part 5.

Time for another portion of polished wheel’s parts photos. This time it’s brake shields and covers. As I wrote earlier, Honda CBX550 wheels’ parts are raw and never meant to be polished. Even counting that wheels  are the first to contact with road dirt and  different small solid particles including bugs and flies, I couldn’t lower quality of polishing works. Thus it took a lot of time to make them smooth and suitable for polishing. Here is few photos to illustrate what I mean:

These two are especially illustrative:

I also decided to polish insides of air intakes on front brake shields.

You may take it for madness, but I think even a bit raw work I made on those intakes was worth it.

With brass plated grids it looks quite classy:

I also polished fins of outer covers air intakes.

And chose proper screws to mount the grids.

However, let’s proceed  to general views:

As I shot to many photos, I am forced to show  them in two part. See next part very soon.

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