Honda CB815 cafe-racer. Occasional view.

The view I had pleasure to look at, relaxing in chair with legs stretched after day of work and some ride during which I spontaneously did the ton couple of times. Not that I intended to do it, just couldn’t resist the wish to twist the throttle bit harder.

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  1. ROBAK

    PISTON 70
    758cc NO 815 CC.

  2. gazzz (Post author)

    Hi Robak,

    CBX750 RC17 and CB750 Seven Fifty RC42 have 67x53mm of bore x stroke. That means 747ccm

    However, I used 70mm pistons and alternative connecting rods to keep original compression ratio. Bore x stroke 70×53 gives 815ccm.

    Additional information is here:

  3. ROBAK

    Hehe ok

  4. Aaron

    What has tank have you used for the CB750?
    Where can I get the same one?

  5. gazzz (Post author)

    Hi Aaron,

    It’s Honda CX500 tank. However it does not fit as it is. Here is how I modified mounts on frame to fit tank:

  6. Charles Cavanagh

    Lovely looking build. We’re did you get your velocity stacks and what filters are you running pkease

    1. gazzz (Post author)

      Thank you. I made velocity stacks (stainless steel) and air filters in photo are Kijima.


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