New Zealand Zephyr: black, brown & silver.

I made quite a few cafe-racer kits for Zephyr 750 and brown seats are usually ordered much less often than black ones. It is around  1:10 proportion. When I was sending the last kit with brown seat and “Eight Ball” mirrors to New Zealand I was wondering about how motorcycle might look with it once finished. When couple of days ago I received photos they caught me by total surprise: I couldn’t even imagine how great might look combination of brown seat with mass of black, some strokes of silver and only one additional spot of yellow of headlight glass to balance (counterweight) the seat.  This Zephyr looks really cool, the photos of it  left me speechless once I saw them, and I in turn let you to watch these photos.

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  1. Josh

    Will this kit fit my 550 zephyr

  2. gazzz (Post author)

    Hi Josh,

    I have tried to fit my kit on Zephyr 550. Result is quite disappointing: there is no chance to install my 750 kit on 550.

    Kind regards,


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