Seven Fifty cafe-racer. Preparations for painting.

I don’t like to work with freshly painted parts, so I decided it’s time to give the set of tank, front mudguard and rear hugger into paint shop.  Thus I gain the extra time for them to dry before installation.

Firstly I cut out final version of front mud guard and all welding works (spacers and mounting nuts) on it were done. Then I grinded welding points and stripped fender to the bare metal to be sure it have no hidden dents of any rust at all.

Final fitting and front fender are ready for further treatment.

My next task was tank preparation. As it has a few dents on it, the first stage of preparation was removing them. I made it from inside. It’s rather tricky work which involves much more of thinking and tools making than actual taping. But I was more than satisfied with result as I managed to remove all significant dents.

After that second part of tank preparation was an easy game: I just grinded a bit emblem mounting plates to make them in level with tank surface.

Hugger was freshly made so it was ready for painting, but I wanted to get rid of all possible rust on steel parts. Therefore I drove all steel units to media blasting shop where they were blasted with glass beads to bare metal. Sure, upper part of tank may be sandpapered as well, but with sandpaper you never get same perfect result on more complex surface of tank’ lower side.

Now all parts are in the paint shop and I’m looking forward with excitement to see them finished.


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  1. Richard Boon

    Hi Gazz, love the build diary I’m building a café racer similar to yours can you tell me what tank is that on yours please as I’m finding it hard to find one to fit and don’t like the Honda one.

  2. gazzz (Post author)

    Hi Richard,

    This tank is Honda CX500 tank. And it does not fit without some frame modifications. I made new rear and front mounts to fit it. That’s how it looked like:

    Kind regards,


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