Honda CB815 Eight Fifteen cafe-racer. New walkaround.

Man proposes but God disposes thus I am forced to post these photos  a bit earlier than I assumed. I need them posted on another website soon and that’s a rule for me to post my photos on my own website first. So here is new version of walk around of my Honda CB815 “Eight Fifteen” cafe-racer, project based on Honda CB 750 Seven Fifty and CBX750. As project was completely worked out  there was a little place for “debugging”. In fact the the only one significant visual change so far is mirror.  The mirrors of my initial design on practice required  wide move of head to look in them, so in sake of safety I changed them for left bar end  mirror. I was meticulous in mirror choosing so  the whole picture of the bike became even better with it.  Want to know what exactly mirror I have chosen? Just keep reading my new posts:-)

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