Kawasaki KZ650 cafe-racer. Shopping post. Part 4. Brakes.

This shopping post is about brakes components. Let’s start with master cylinder. Sure, for project based on 1978 Kawasaki KZ650 I wished to use some vintage-looking master cylinder. However I am used to perfect working brakes, thus master cylinder should only look vintage but work like modern. Thus I did some search and fished out this very great device. It’s brand new, made by Nissin/Daytona, its design perfectly fit clip-ons and its 5/8″ piston is ideal for work with two Honda CBX550 front calipers.

Usually I prefer to change brake calipers for fresh, removed from the bikes with low mileage. However, in case of CBX550 calipers this exchange is impossible, as its calipers are quite specific and aren’t interchangeable with calipers from new models. This means that I have to rebuild original calipers. For this purpose I bought some parts. First of them is a set of stainless steel pistons for two front and one rear caliper.

They are made in Japan and are of high quality, so these parts are perfect replacement for old pistons that became a bit shabby during three decades that passed after their manufacturing.

Notice, pistons for rear caliper are of the same diameter as front pistons but they are higher.

Next lot is a set of seals and dust seals for calipers. To get predictable positive result I chose OEM seals.

I chose sintered brake pads to increase bike braking performance. Not a lot of manufacturers make sintered pads for Honda CBX550 and other bikes with same calipers and I was glad to find Vesrah among those of them who do. Mind, the pads for rear caliper has thicker layer of friction material than front pads. One may note the short list of bikes with compatible calipers on packaging.

I also like the Vesrah sense of humour:-)

And here we achieved the end of this part of story. Last portion of parts, so to say, little things: stainless steel bleeder valves and caps for them.



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