Seven Fifty cafe-racer. Chassis parts are painted.

One more stage of my Honda CB750 cafe-racer project is finished. This very morning I took most chassis parts ready from paint shop.  The only parts that weren’t ready today are the outer fork tubes, but they will be ready tomorrow.

There was no space for painted parts on the shelves, so I organized temporary storage for them under the garage wall. Parts, even as they are dry enough to hold them in hands, still are freshly painted, therefore I placed them on paper to avoid reaction of surface with paint thinner evaporation.

As you may see, I chose satin black colour for frame, fork triples and fuel tank cap cover, while all other chassis parts, according to my design, were painted with the same paint as the engine. I’ll let “silver” parts to dry for another few days and then I’ll bake them to improve paint durability. Next stage of the project is polishing. And looks like it will keep me completely  busy at least for a week…

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