Zephyr riding.

Since I built my Yamaha XJ “Eight Ball” it became my main city riding bike. But that’s not a reason to left Zephyr standing under the cover in the corner of garage. Especially if  my old dream, 4in4 exhaust, became reality. Also do not forget about 180-190km/h speed limiter I disabled by installing  European ignition unit and wiring .

So we had  good riding session last weekend. That was first time when I run my Zephyr on speed above 200km/h. Also I wanted to test exhaust in turns. By the way I gave a photo lesson to Oksana, after which she had a practice with my camera, so had I with my Zephyr and as a result we both have this nice set of photos:-)

Zephyr 750 4in4Zephyr 750 4in4Zephyr 750 4in4Zephyr 750 4in4Zephyr 750 4in4Zephyr 750 4in4

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