The first of March.

Kiev suffers from severe frosts for a good week and it met the first day of the spring 2018 up to the knee in the snow.  I had to dig up entrance to garage before I could begin working, and the only place to throw snow on was the very roof of my small workshop. And even as fire burned hot in the stove it couldn’t melt unappetizing icicle hanging from the chimney outdoor.

But such weather is a good chance for photographer, even if he has no time to go far and wide for proper photo shooting.  Snow drifted garages may provide enough place for inspiration.

A bit of local flavor: look at that shark on the wall!  It has human face with deer horns on the chest and hand clenched in rude gesture in its jaws. I think the creator of this sculpture had a mind horizons hugely expanded by some herbs or mushrooms…

And don’t forget to dry your boots after the snow walk.

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