Greetings from Switzerland.

And here are photos of Zephyr with kit for which I was waiting for a long time.  That was the very end of the Spring 2016 when my client in Switzerland received parcel with kit. Later that summer she sent me a couple of her modified bike photos, but asked to wait with additional photos until last modifications will be done.

Quite a lot of time has passed since then but every day of waiting was worth it! Last weekend I received the whole photo story of her Zephyr modification.

Zephyr before modification:

That’s how kit arrived:

Photo of painting and modifications in process:

As you may see my client took designer approach in creating new colour pattern and style (look at those classy black wheels!) and what a beautiful bike she made!

In addition I asked her a couple of question to have some feedback about my kit. And here I think it is better to quote our conversation:

– May I ask you how many kilometers you rode on your bike with kit? Was riding comfortable enough?

– “I rode about 1000 km and it was as comfortable as the original seat.”
– Had you any questions with exploitation or it was as easy as with original Kawasaki parts?

– “I had absolutely no problem to mount the parts, it was very easy because of your manual! Your work is fantastic, I love how my bike looks now.”

Thank you for photos you send and so pleasant feedback!

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  1. Daniel Bumann


    Sieht echt Klasse aus. Muss das Heck gekürzt werden. für dieses Kit.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen. Daniel Bumann

    1. David


      Nein das heck muss nicht gekürzt werden.
      Du kannst alles wieder original zurückbauen.
      Für den deutschen TÜV ist aber eine Halterung für den Sozius erforderlich. Ein Riemen reicht aber.



      1. Christian

        Hallo zusammen,

        kann mir einer sagen, ob es möglich ist das Heck ebenfalls auf eine Zephyr 550 zu montieren?

        Besten Dank und Grüße,

  2. Stephane Marchand

    Hey there, great pics and mods. Love the final look on the bike (especially the paint job) Where can I find that KIT?

    1. gazzz (Post author)

      Hi Stephane.

      I sent you details about kit ordering via email.

  3. Matt

    Just looking for a kit, I know this was a few years ago, are they still available for a 93 750 zephyr

    1. gazzz (Post author)

      Hi Matt,

      I answered you via email.

      Kind regards,


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