October thunderstorm.

This year Autumn in Ukraine came early and warm weather changed to cold one quite fast.  One October day we walked along the paths of central city Park, which located on the high hills above the right bank of the Dnieper river, when we saw something unusual in the sky. It looked like thunderstorm, rolling over the sky but you barely can wait for the thunderstorm in the October. But it was thunderstorm approaching, as genuine as possible, with lightning and thunder and a mighty shower of cold water.  But before it covered us and forced to hide under the entrance visor of the nearest building I shot some photos. I hadn’t my camera at hand, so I borrowed Oksana’s one. I didn’t checked and adjusted all camera setting, but only shooting parameters, so as result I had only Jpegs but no RAW files. But I suppose when you are spectator of such epic sky  any result is better than nothing. So here is a photos I shot that day:

img_9087 img_9109october_thunderstorm_01_2img_9157_1

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