Non-ordinary order.

Quite a lot of time has passed since I posted something about “Eight Ball”  mirrors last time. It’s understandable, since mirrors are much smaller than cafe-racer kits and make smaller changes in motorcycle exterior. However, sometimes even orders for mirrors have a tendency to be special, like this one. For one thing, the distance between my workshop and client location was more than 8K kilometers (and that’s as if to be counted like a crow flies). For another, mirrors were ordered with black mounts. These two facts are already enough for the order to stand out from other orders. Here are the photos of mirrors by the way:

cafe-racer mirrors cafe-racer mirrors cafe-racer mirrors cafe-racer mirrors cafe-racer mirrorsBut it turned out that there is a third special feature of this order. The mirrors destiny was being installed on electrical motorcycle of local manufacturing – made in Vietnam. Personally I am (so far) a 100% internal combustion engine man, but I have to admit that whatever design this electrical bike had when it left the factory, with pleated seat upholstery, yellow glass headlight, closely sitting turn lights, and sure with our mirrors it looks stylish!  Owner definitely has a good taste!

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