Greetings from Sofia.

Sometimes ordinary things happen in unusual  way.  This story started  in ordinary way from email correspondence between me and potential client  from  Bulgaria. He was about to buy Zephyr 750 as a project bike, therefore he was interested in buying my kit. We agreed that next time he would contact me after Zephyr buying.

Around a month passed and suddenly I received email from within Ukraine with request of contact information. That happen to be a Ukrainian motorcyclist, who for my great surprise acted on behalf of his Bulgarian acquaintance.  In result it turned out to be my first and so far the last time when I didn’t send parcel with kit but handed it out.

But  as you may guess this story is rather about the bike from Bulgaria itself than about the way of kit delivery.  It was a great pleasure for me  to receive yesterday such a pleasant email:

Thanks a lot for the idea and the details I bought from you. The Project I made got really good. Many of my fellows find it excellent.

A lot of people share my passion and help me making of this project.  Colleagues in Ukraine from the company we are  working for  were involved as well and help me to have the kit faster and of course with out complications . The rest was done from the  garage of the designer Peter Tanchev , he customized many bikes here in BG..( mostly choppers but since couple of years cafe racers as well).

It had a bunch of photos in addition. And I can’t wait to share them with my readers. Here how Zephyr looks before modification:

And look at this decent result! Motorcycle was fully maintained, refreshed and new painting done according to the owner design. And what is cool, he find a pair of original Zephyr 750 spoked wheels  that made motorcycle sound victorious.

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