Kawasaki KZ650 cafe-racer. Yet one shopping post.

Whenever I am overloaded with orders and our clients projects I have to lay aside work on Kawasaki KZ650 project. However, what I could keep doing is to pick and buy parts for the project.  Due to cost and delivery optimization reasons, parts for KZ650 come along with other orders and after arriving they were put in  the “Incoming KZ650 box”, while waiting to be sorted. Only recently I sorted out another pile of parts and shot photos, thus now I could show them.

Some parts were ordered as a result of my last inspection of engine parts. Among them was this set of TRW reinforced clutch springs. Actually they are for Kawasaki Zephyr 750, so in case of KZ650 it might be a reinforced version of reinforced springs… Hope it won’t be overkill. I like the fact they are zinc plated, this makes them look much better than EBC springs, even if plating  is for sure an overkill:-)

Next are parts I bought to finish oil pan setup. I already had an aftermarket oil plug with a magnet, but after some thinking I decided to stick to the OEM plug. Parts lists stated oil plug in black colour for KZ650/Zephyr 750. Meanwhile, plug in silver colour is also available, its part number is 92066-0079. Here it is along with OEM aluminum washer.

I cleaned the oil pan, however I had no time to do the same thing to the oil filter cover. Thus I bought a new oil filter cover to match the cleaned oil pan.  And again, the part available by default is of black colour, therefore I found New Old Stock part with part number 16101-004 which corresponds to the part of silver colour. Here it is:

It looks much better than the old cover.

New oil filter  cover and oil plug match clean oil pan perfectly.

And at the end of the post a bit of madness. When I repacked KZ650 starter motor I used two M6x130 allen bolts to assemble it. To be honest, I wasn’t satisfied with them. I doubt that I will find understanding, but I’ll try to explain.  Whenever my thoughts returned to the starter motor, those allen bolts from nearby hardware store were alike tiny buzzing at the edge of hearing: same annoying feeling. And even the fact that the starter motor is hidden under the chrome plated cover wasn’t an argument for me. So I picked a replacement for them. It’s a pair of flanged bolts with small heads (8mm wrench).

With new bolts, the starter motor looks like it has, or in other words it looks like it was not my personal whim, but factory design. Here are two pair of photos, so to say “before and after”:

To be continued.

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