Kawasaki KZ650 cafe-racer. Shopping post #14.

Parcels were arriving one by one while I was working on spoked wheels from a previous post, let’s open a couple of parcels right in this story. Set of exhaust pipe holders arrived first. I ordered them as original exhaust holders I’ve got with the engine definitely saw better times.

I could clean those oxidations and polish holders, but it would be quite a lot of work, so I decided to look if I could get replacement parts . It turned out that the exhaust holder of early design (part number 18069-061) was superseded by a more  recent version (part number 18069-1006) which design I didn’t like. So I dug through ebay and found a set of  four New Old Stock exhaust holders of desirable design in Germany. Three holders from the set were still in original packaging,  while one lost its package during years of storage . Here they are:

Note the sticker:

As you may see, it dated by 24/01/1979:

Meanwhile all holders still look like new, even this  one without packaging. This is a clear demonstration of the fact that parts might be stored for more than 40 years without being  damaged in any way.

Two of holders marked with number “1” and two with “2”, however there is no visual difference between these holders. Very cool design, anyway.

The second  parcel contained chrome plated M6 bolts.

To be precise, there were 44  bolts are of five types:

It could be easy to guess  what these bolts are for – for those, who are familiar with Kawasaki 650-750 air cooled inline fours. As for others, well, they have to wait until my engine will be assembled:-)



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