Zephyr 750 cafe-roadster. Seat&Tail.

Okay. Here I have some update about Zephyr 750 Cafe-Roadster kit project, a bit out of date for now, but I had no time to write this text earlier.

This chapter is about tail and seat base. Those who may had taken a look on previous parts of Zephyr story saw that I had models and know that I want not only one set of seat and tail, but the ability to replicate them. So I needed a mold for each part.

In this case I had to do next steps:

  • to check symmetry
  • to optimize parts for fiberglass manufacturing
  • to workout all tail mounting points and seat lock features
  • to make part’s models surfaces as perfect as possible.

 And that was a work which took a lot of time and efforts. Many evenings I spent with putty, sandpaper, soldering-iron, iron net and pieces of plastic. Finally I made my best with tail:

IMG_5150IMG_5355 IMG_5174All tail features were workout and checked, then rechecked again and only after that tail was primed:

IMG_5518 IMG_5508And then painted and coated with varnish:

IMG_5553 IMG_5573The requirements to seat base surface were less exacting, but work wasn’t less mere. There was a initial “Frankenstein”, I welded from parts of original one and pieces of plastic.

IMG_6706So I had to optimize it: cut off some details, add another and so on. A lot of putty and sand paper work again. And of course, reinforcing and so on…

IMG_5408 IMG_5455After checking it was also primed:

IMG_5485And then coated with varnish:

IMG_5537 IMG_5542After all above-mentioned ordeal was performed, the tail and the seat models where ready to mold making.

IMG_0677To be continued.


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  1. Martin

    Hi There;)…Epic build!;)…Very Nice Work!!
    can you sell me a tail like that?..
    Best Regards

    1. gazzz (Post author)

      I sent you email with information.

      Best regards


    I love your bike is beautiful
    I am French and I would like to know if it is possible to order the saddle support and the rear hull.
    in advance thank you very much


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