Kawasaki KZ650 cafe-racer. Wheels ventilation grids.

Wheels polishing goes well but a bit slowly as I intend to achieve the best result. Meanwhile, here is a part of finished work, which directly  related to wheels. Honda CBX550 wheels with Inboard Ventilated Disc, as one may guess from name itself have ventilation in its casing and it’s ventilation ports are protected by grids to prevent large particles from getting inside brake casings.

There are four grids for every brake disc patterned with round holes. They are  made of steel and initially were painted in black. Sure, no painting lasts in such places unharmed for more than thirty years, thus grids needed refreshing. So  to paint  grids  anew? Nah, it’s too trivial and we all know that devil is in details.

Thus I got those grids glass beads blasted and then brass plated. After that I semi polished them and finally they were clear coated to prevent them became dull. Here is result:

Brass grids look great, and together with polished aluminium in particular.

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