Kawasaki KZ650 cafe-racer. Shopping post #15.

And here we go with a new shopping post. And again, all parts in it are for Kawasaki KZ650 engine, which is no wonder as engine assembling is my next big goal. As I already have a new KZ750 cylinder head, I suppose it wouldn’t be surprising that I also bought new OEM intake and exhaust valves for it. Part numbers of valves  might have been superseded and sometimes it might have happened more than once. In this case I prefer to stick to the latest part number even if early part numbers are available in large and for lower price, because superseding has a reason. And the reason often is not sufficient valve resource. I have seen cylinder heads in which intake valves working surfaces had grooves while exhaust valves were completely intact or otherwise: exhaust valves had grooves while intake had none at all. I assume that in these cases less worn valves were “up to date”. So when it came to choosing between cheaper intake valves with part numbers “12004-1007” and more expensive valves with the latest part number “12004-1058” I didn’t hesitate for a long and bought valves with newer part number.

Situation with exhaust valves was simpler, as there is only one part number for them: 12005-1006

Next parcel is from Webike (Japan). The box below has dimension as follows: 34x23x12cm

It was barbarously hacked by Ukrainian customs attached to TNT/Fedex services, but luckily  for me, they only managed to disturb the air, because the box was full of it.

All it’s useful content was placed in one small package hidden between air bags.

Here they are: two PMC cam chain idler sprockets. Content of parcel in comparison to box reminds me of dried peas in a child’s toy.

These PMC idler sprockets are made for bigger Z-s. However, it’s well known that sprockets placed between cylinders and cylinder head  are interchangeable for Kawasaki KZ 650, 900 and 1000 models.  This fact quite simplifies life for KZ650 owners. I have no real reason to replace these parts, as original sprockets are in very good condition. However, OEM cam idler sprockets have a layer of rubber between inner sleeve and crown.  I have read on KZRider, this rubber has a tendency to crumble which results in separation of the sprocket  crown  from the inner sleeve. Knowing about issue  I decided to avoid it by replacing old original idler sprockets with monolith made by PMC.


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