KZ650 cafe-racer. Wheels polishing. One to go.

Today I finished sandpapering the last part of Honda CBX550 wheels and began to polish it.  I have to buy some bearings and seals and give some parts to be zinc galvanized before I start wheels assembling, but that last part will be real pivotal point in my work on CBX wheels.  Polishing of these wheels have been real test of my endurance and patience, and I think I’ll have a couple of beer once work is finished…

However, here are next three finished parts for rear wheel: sprocket hub, brake shield (bracket) and brake caliper. I will not  bore you with “photos in process”, but here is a couple photos of brake caliper before and after to give you an idea of how many efforts this work  could take.

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  1. Claw

    Looks like parts become lighter (and more streamlined for max sporty perfomance) after polishing. Very-very impressive work!

  2. Lars Blume Christoffersen

    I Cannot imagine the Amount of work it takes to polish these parts, very impressive
    You have a very Nice website
    Regards Lars

  3. gazzz (Post author)

    Thank you, Lars!

    Yep, it took huge amount of time. At some point I even had a doubt that I’ll ever finish it

    Kind regards,


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