My Zephyr 750 ownership. Part 2

The continuation of my Zephyr 750 ownership story. Previous part is here>>

The beginning of the spring 2008 I met in the saddle of my Zephyr.

IMG_5964IMG_6090_The rides were joyful even when weather was unpleasant.

IMG_8040_1DSC_2833Spring grown into summer, and Zephyr got a Givi windshield with a bit improved mounting hardware.  It doesn’t make design of the bike any better but it is very useful on speed above 120 km/h. We rolled together, me and my Zephyr, through summer…

IMG_4383IMG_5739… and autumn…

IMG_6005 IMG_7061So long as we could, until frosted roads hinted us that winter is coming. But only snow forced us to stop riding.

IMG_7654 img_7626 IMG_7784 IMG_7753As you can see, I  applied yet two small updates to my Zephyr :  Renntec engine bars and additional lights.

In the  early spring of 2009 I was on the road again. Weather suddenly burst into snow, but I was used to such riding conditions.

IMG_1877 IMG_1926And here we come to another turn point in my Zephyr story. I suppose, many Zephyr owners dream about spoked wheels and so was I.  I hunted hard for those wheels on ebay but even good eight years ago they were rare to find and much expensive. However , I was persistent and continued my long hunt until my perseverance gave the fruits and in the beginning of the March 2009 I (with help of my friend from France) became an owner of pair Zephyr spoked wheels in good condition, with brake disks  as a bonus. The price, even with double delivery was reasonable so I was very delighted.

This photo I got through email from friend of mine when he received wheels in France.

p1010517And in the end of March I received wheels in Ukraine. Of course I was much exited and wanted to install them  as fast as possible, but  engineering part of mine overpowered the artistic one , so firstly I checked all and made wheels tubeless with  peace of  12″ bike tube,  automotive sealant and duct tape and valve stem for tubeless tire. I even weighted spoked wheels and alloyed (every pair with tire) and found that alloyed pair is for good six kilograms lighter than spoked one.  Fanny fact, but obvious for those who saw this  mighty  rear wheel hub, decent child of Kawasaki Heavy Industries engineering.

zephyr_magicOf course, there were test riding and photo shooting  right after the installation.

img_2267 img_2307_1IMG_2345And there was a spring around and I rode my Zephyr and was happy until the May of 2009, when sudden disaster happened with motorcycle and riding was halted for more than two months…

To be continued…

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