Kawasaki KZ650 cafe-racer. Shopping post #13.

When it came to gaskets, I prefer sticking to OEM ones, at least in key places like cylinder base or under cylinder head.  So no wonder I’ve bought OEM cylinder gasket for KZ650 engine.  Its part number is 11009-046 and it’s not available in large webstores like Partzilla or CMSNL, but it still might be found on ebay and in smaller webshops.

However, the issue with OEM gaskets for 40 years old engines is that it might be… 40 years old. The gasket I bought looked good, but it cracked under my fingers like this:

I had a plan B for the situation: to use aftermarket cylinder base gasket. In combination with sealant rubbed in gasket, it would work. Nevertheless, when I got a nick of time I did the search and found out that 11009-046 wasn’t the only OEM option for KZ650 cylinder base gasket. In fact it was superseded with 11060-1362. I found and bought this newer gasket and here how it looks:

Unlike to 11009-046 it has sealant only on one side.

I couldn’t figure out  what material it was made of, but it has some structure:

My next purchase was new starter cover. Old cover has couple of scratches that are beyond simple repair:

So I found and  bought new OEM cover. I like it!

And last set of parts is for steering stem.  New steering stem  nut and washer:

And Yamaha steering stem cup which perfectly fit my steering setup:


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  1. Enrique Estrada

    Hello Nazar, quick question, where did you buy the 11060-1362 cylinder gasket?

    1. gazzz (Post author)

      Hi Enrique,

      I found it on German ebay. However, it’s a rare part. You may try your luck with 11009-046 or with a decent aftermarket gasket in combination with copper spray or sealant.


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