New two kits, photos “In process”.

I started process of two Zephyr 750 cafe-racer  kits making and I thought it may be interesting to shoot a few photos in the process.

Tails are right from a mold:

Here is main hardware for two seats. Lock hooks are made of stainless steel, as well as  spacer plates; hooks reply plates are made of steel. Hooks and spacer plates I get ready from my subcontractor in laser cutting, but there is also a good part of handwork for me too.  The front lock pin I make of 8mm aluminum. That means cutting, size adjusting, shaping, thread cutting and polishing. Don’t forget about hooks upper plates works:  special bolts making, welding, grinding and painting.

Next point is seat bases, sandpapered and with edges cut and grinded but without holes for hardware yet:

Here is the license plate holder as I get it from my subcontractor. Parts have to be welded together, then nuts for tail mounting should be welded to plate, and after some final grinding part will be ready for sandblasting and powder coating.

Voila, seat base again, ready to be cleaned and handed to seat maker.

Now  seats are in process of cushioning and upholstering. I think I’ll make later yet another  post about how tail light is made.

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