KZ650 cafe-racer. Wheels polishing. Part 5. Continuation.

As I promised, here is second part of  polished Honda CBX550 brake shields and cover photos. Oksana after  seeing these photos told me: “It’s not obvious why polishing of all those air intakes was so cunning work. Put something to show the scale”. So here are a couple of photos with matchbox to compare:

These aluminium parts were designed to be lightweight,  so they are quite thin, thus I didn’t dare to grind a lot of aluminium off them and in result surface is not flawless. Another funny thing :  after polishing  it is became apparent  that, alloy they cast of  was not quite homogeneous. After being polished to mirror it looks like some kind of Damascus steel pattern.

But enough words and explanation, let’s better see some  more photos. We’ll start with pair of photos in “before and after” style…

… and continue with mix of different views.

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