Kawasaki KZ650 cafe-racer. Wheels glass blasting.

The wheels I plan to put on our Kawasaki KZ650 cafe-racer in their uniqueness and complexity might be as well called standalone project. Thus I decided to finish them before other stages of project,  partly because I want to see how they look finished and partly because I need them installed on the bike to complete its design.

So I disassembled wheels and prepared them for glass blasting, which is, as I mentioned not once before. is the best way to get aluminum parts clean and ready for  either , painting or polishing. Glass blasting is quite soft in action, but all the same, I protected areas I wish to preserve completely unchanged.

After glass blasting parts look fascinating, just like some kind of 3D models. Even brake discs that were rusty (which is not surprising for parts made some 30 years ago) now look much better than I expected.

What colour I chose for hubs and brake shields? Let it be my little secret for some time:-)

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