Seven Fifty cafe-racer. Exploded view backstage.

To shoot photo like one in my previous post there should be a complete harmony between mechanic who do the project and photographer who shoot the process. I am glad that I combine both of them in my very person. But even so, it took the whole day to prepare and check all parts before shooting. In the evening  Oksana and one friend of mine arrived to help in stage preparation. Thanks to them: without their help that photo was impossible.  Oksana cleaned zone on which background was laid. After that she became a second cameraman and  provided most of the photos you may see below.

Additional pair of strong hands was very useful too, as CB750 engine was too heavy for me to carry it on my own for some ten meters from garage to the improvised scene.

I arranged all parts on the background and that was quite a hard task.

The  photo shooting point was my bar stool placed on the roof of the garage.

I suppose it may sound a bit moron, but when resources are limited one use what he could find at hand to achieve his goal. But even crackpot need a hands to hold that stool  safely.

And another pair of hands to adjust parts’ positions:-)

My back was aching when I finished photo shooting.

Photography of photographer shooting photographer.

We brought engine back into garage and my friend went home. And at this point I noticed that I forgot the seat. Still couldn’t understand how it happened, suppose it was partly of tiredness in combination with excitement and partly cause shapes of rear fender and seat are a bit similar if to view from distance.

The Sun is mostly gone and situation  could turn to disaster if another friend of mine didn’t decide to drop in my garage. Sound of his  approaching motorbike was like a music for my ears that moment.  In no time engine was back on background.

Parts were placed in the new order.

And I was back on the roof, craning from my improvised photo-nest and shooting new photos.

Some last corrections were made and final version of photo was shot.

That’s a third time I made a photo of motorcycle’ exploded view and it’s still as exciting as first time…



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  1. claw

    Really epic shooting!!!


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