Seven Fifty cafe-racer. Tank mount, electrical components, wiring, etc . Part 2.

CBX750 originally has fuse box for six glass fuses and two spare fuses. I decreased number of fuses down to five by removing unit which responsible for tail lamp failure indication.   I bought fuse box for eight blade fuses with intention to put in it three spare fuses, two to replace any  of five regular fuses and one, 30A to replace main fuse in starter relay. Thus, as fuse in CBX750 starter relay is also “old style”, I decided to use CB750 Seven Fifty starter relay.

I worked through few ideas of fuse box position and as result,  I found the place for it under the tank. For the rear mounting point I used front mounting point of ignition unit holder. For front point I used clamp mounted onto the frame, using rubber band  as a kind of  vibrating protection. I crimped connectors on “intake” wire in five places without breaking it:

And I made aluminium brackets for fuse box mounting. I still have to find or made some kind of cover for addition protection, but that’s how it looks now:

My next goal was the starter relay positioning. This task had two constraints:

  • Starter relay position must be as close to battery and starter, as possible
  • There should be ability to replace main fuse without tools.

After some thoughts I not only found the best solution for starter relay but also found a place for regulator/rectifier.  I made housing of aluminium and used fast release fasteners, but I  think in this case pictures will describe my design of the part better, than words.

I also made special nuts’ for regulator/rectifier’ mount, cause main fuse replacement is much more easy with rectifier  pushed aside.

With all components on their places I quickly turned wire chaos in to the order.

And then was time to assemble and test all system.

And here is section with additional photos. Starter relay:

Housing and regulator/rectifier:

Side view:

Tail connecting ( tail was temporary mounted with clamps):

And a couple views of cable/wires disposition:

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  1. Mark

    I am really enjoying these articles on your project. Your workmanship is outstanding and very well thought out.
    I am also starting a build based on the CB seven fifty and the information you provide about the engine is very helpful. I am interested to see how the big bore kit turnes out and what parts you used, when you release that information. Keep up the good work.

    1. gazzz (Post author)

      Mark, the pleasure is mine. Working on motorcycles and building cafe-racers is my life passion and it is great I may share it.

      Surely, upon finishing my Honda CB750 project I’d be pleased to release more technical information.


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