Seven Fifty cafe-racer. Exploded view.

Hurray! We did it. The pivotal point of the project is achieved and exploded view of Honda CB750 cafe-racer is shot.  Preparation of such scene is quite a complicated and tiresome operation. It took whole day for me to check and prepare all components and parts. But I’ll describe the backstage of these photos in my next post. For this one only two photos will do. It is when not quantity but quality counts.  Here is a first of photos:

This time I don’t forget to put even small parts on background, but when we carried engine and couple of other parts back to the garage I noticed that something quite a large was forgotten under the pile of boxes and  wrappings. Did you notice what was omitted?

Don’t ask me how I managed to do such a mismatch, but yes, it was the seat! So we carried engine out of garage once again and I reshoot the scene. So here is final version of this project’ exploded view.

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