Seven Fifty cafe-racer. Preparation for assembling.

Sorry for keep you waiting for this part of my Honda CB750 cafe-racer story. But as I wrote, sometimes small works took more time than big ones. And there were a lot of those small works to do, not counting orders of kits and mirrors I had to fulfil. Luckily for me, the weather at last turned to warm, became mostly summer, so I could speed up logistic quests by riding the motorcycle. Not all of them trapped into lens of my camera, but let’s have a look on those that I managed to shoot.

Oil cooler was refreshed with new paint:

And top parts of rear shocks were repainted to match the shade of all other painted in silver colour parts.

I chose CB750 side stand for my project as it is more elegant than original one of Seven Fifty. I modified it to fit side stand indicator and then it was powder coated.

I installed last engine components, like ignition senders and alternator and their covers:

Small feature, oil cooler pipes holder: glass blasted and zinc anodized.

Another funny thing from Honda engineers. According to pictures in OEM manual wire to front ignition sender and its protective plate located on the lower half on crankcase, but I had no chance to install my units in such order because of short wire. The only logical positions for them were on upper half of case. I don’t like such misreading, so I looked into the internet for CBX750 engine photos without left cover. Turned out, that position of wire and its protector is variable as well as protection plate shape.  So if you couldn’t run the wire to front sender under the crankshaft, don’t panic, it’s not a bug but a feature. 🙂

The really important thing is to install protection plate in right position, with its legs turned to sender mounts.  It may do sound stupid, to write such obvious things, but in my search of information I trapped on video where some guys managed to install it in wrong way.

As I wrote earlier, I bought clutch cover on ebay to replace scratched original cover.  I removed clutch lifter arm and its bearing:

Then it was glass blasted:

And after that I polished the cover. Honda aluminium casting is far from perfect, but I think I found right compromise between perfection and quantity of time spent on polishing preparation.   To close the clutch lifter arm hole I designed and ordered to make this small part:

That’s how it works:

Here is the photo series of engine with all covers installed:

And as logical final to this part of story, yet one feature:

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  1. Phil Desrosiers

    What’s that SWEET oil gauge?

    1. gazzz (Post author)

      Hi Phil,

      It’s T&T oil temperature gauge, I bought it on

      Kind regards,


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