Zephyr painting. Done!

I got painted set of parts for my Zephyr 750 cafe-roadster project today. Looks great, but I even have no time to describe how  glad I am and how I like it, because  that’s mostly final countdown for the project. In couple of days we shall drive with all project parts to France, so every minute on a count now.

painting_001 painting_002IMG_1854 IMG_1817 IMG_1816

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  1. Mike

    Hi! What camera you use to photograpfy?

    1. gazzz (Post author)

      This photos were shot by Canon EOS 600D with 135mm F 3.5 Soviet manual lens (copy of MC Sonnar 3,5/135 Carl Zeiss Jena DDR). And I must admit that first two photos in fact are panoramas.

      Also I use yet one 35/2.0 Soviet manual and 18-55mm kit lenses.


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