Seven Fifty cafe-racer. Aluminum polishing, part 1.

The weather grew steadily snowy and cold in the first days of spring. So last Saturday morning I found my garage looking more epic than I left it on Thursday evening.  Sure, the look of it was improved by great icicle hanging from the roof, but the knee heights snow hedge was obviously an overkill.

After another turn of digging (third or fourth on the week) I continued my work in garage.

The main thing in aluminum polishing is surface preparation, so the most part of efforts took sandpapering. Honda parts have quite rough surface, so I was forced to work out some balance between ideal finish and amount of time spent on treatment.  The greatest disappointment was clutch cover. It had couple of deep scratches that couldn’t be removed by sandpapering. I brought that cover to my welder and we tried to fill scratches with welding, but alas, Honda aluminum cast turned out to be porous, so no good finish was achievable.  I ordered clutch cover from ebay, hope I receive it in a couple of weeks…

And a photos of process. Now I have a few more ready parts, but I had no time to shot photos.

Ready valve and sprocket covers:

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