About fishing and catch.

My beginning of the Year 2016 turned out to be quite charged in work and other events, so I had no time even to post proper fresh material here. So let this post be like a little apology for silence.

I like to search for parts for my projects. This like some sport to me, like fishing  or hunting I suppose. Initially you should decide what part exactly you want to use here or there in you project and your next step is to find it. But the goal is not simply to buy it but to get the part with best combination of condition and price. And how to got it in Ukraine in this case is like a seasoning of the catch.

And here they are, couple of my last trophies. One of them is a Honda CB500T (which has twin engine) 1975-1976 tank from UK. Quite rare thing and this one is in a good condition, for it has a lot of paint scratches, couple of small  dents, but there is no rust inside. And another one is a CX500 1978-1983 tank from France. Not such a rare as the first one but also in good condition, even with original paint and decals.

For what purpose I bought them, I’ll show you a bit later:-)

IMG_7838 IMG_7822 IMG_7850 IMG_7823 IMG_7829 IMG_7859 IMG_7863 IMG_7861 IMG_7866

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  1. Artem Chernov


    You have made my day with your blog. I am a Kyivite myself, a custom bike enthusiast and was routinely looking through BikeExif for some inspirational pictures for my future project and bumped in to a story about you and 8 ball.

    What admires is your attitude: (i) to your blog, (ii) to your workplace; (iii) “nerd” type attention to details (in positive sense). You are a professional. I wish you every blessing in your work which seems a really passionate hobby which you enjoy in every aspect and respect.

    I wonder if you may be interested in taking a project from me (a Gentleman’s scrambler and/or a bratstyle roadster). If you do, please kindly respond.

    With all respect. Slava Ukraini!


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